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Who is this for?

Whether you’re thinking of starting a new website or just need some ideas to help you get the most out of what you’re already doing, this is going to help… This blueprint is filled with valuable insights and hot tips to really boost your online presence!

What are you getting?

A [free] 10 page PDF explaining:

  • what an eBusiness Strategy is
  • why you need one
  • the 6 elements of eBusiness Strategy
  • how they work together

AND really comprehensive lists of possible goals for each element. Complete with fillable brainstorming sections and a Goal Worksheet. You’ll also get my Growth Checklist, and if you stick around, I’ll be sending curated tips, detailed strategy advice and advanced techniques…

Why am I doing all this?

I can’t stop myself! I’m a wildly multi passionate person, and I really want to share what I know, and help other entrepreneurs succeed! It’s been just about TEN YEARS since I opened my Brick & Mortar Eco Boutique in the small cottage town of Parry Sound ON, Canada. I’ve been running my eCommerce shop for 10 years too, and doing web design on the side to keep me busy in the winter. Now I’ve reached a point where it makes sense for me to teach what I’ve learnt. So let’s get started!

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