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Creating a learning resource library of WordPress training videos for my clients has been a goal of mine for a while now. I’m not a natural public speaker or performer. Even though I come from a family of musicians. I’ve always felt called to write or otherwise express/share though. I recently found a beautiful instagram account with this inspiring quote (I think it was an indigenous proverb): “Tell me facts, and I will learn. Tell me truths, and I will believe. But tell me a story, and it will live in heart forever”

So, my decision that I need to attempt to master this skill, is in part something I want to do for myself. As you will probably be able to tell, from this first video I posted, I am feeling a bit nervous about recording myself and finding it challenging. It was also very challenging to learn to use the video editing software that I needed. In this video, my S’s were very harsh, so I found a program with a de-esser and I think it did the trick. It took me a while to figure out! Mostly I needed to turn the de-esser threshold all the way up. Next time, I will use the condenser mic pictured above with my helper, who is also is the video!


Personal WordPress Training Videos

My focus to start will be on helping clients who have a custom website built within the last year or so. The WordPress training videos will focus on things like: adding a product, post, event, updating plugins, using page builders and SEO/analytics. If you are an existing client, or thinking of signing up for any of my Website Plans, I’d love to hear from you. What areas of managing your online presence and WordPress website do you need help with first?

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